DIY Rat Toys

You have a small rat. You want it to be fun and healthy when you’re not at home. Providing toys for the rat is very important. They need toys such as chewing toys, climbing toys, or decorative toys. Instead of running to the store or ordering online, why not try making toys for them? Undoubtedly, your little friend will love this. However, if you do not have a good hand, high creativity, or do not know where to start, do not worry. In this article, we will give you a few tips to make the most exciting rat toys. Come on, let’s start.

The first step to making a toy for a rat is choosing the material. Rat toys can make from anything like empty cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, wooden sticks, cotton cloth, etc. Before you begin, prepare all the material in your house. If these items are available, it’s okay. If not, you can also buy them at your local craft store. Or collect each item until enough is available! Once you have all the necessary elements, you can start making your rat toys.
However, when choosing any pet material, safety is the most critical issue. They are disinfected clean, contain no toxic substances; No sharp heads to ensure rat safety.
That is the first thing you should note. Here are a few simple toys you can make for your little friend.

Chewing Toy

Hamsters often need to chew toys to keep their teeth healthy. Unlike human teeth, rat teeth continuously grow, so it requires special care to keep them under control. Owners often let mice chew on woodwork to help keep their teeth from getting long. Alternatively, cookies (without garlic) or toilet paper rolls may use. Here are some chewing toys that your mouse will love.

Chewing stick

Material: wooden sticks, white flour, water, and scissors.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Cut the wooden stick into pieces that are 3 inches long (about 7.6 cm)

Step 2: Mix white flour and water in a ratio of 1: 1 to make glue.

Step 3: Apply glue to the sticks and attach them.

Step 4: Leave the glue to dry overnight and then put it in the cage.

Chewing ball

You can make a chewing ball by using a toilet paper roll, scissors, even without glue.

Firstly, take a paper core and cut it into five equal-sized rings. You will only need to use 3/5 of these rings. Then, cross the rings over each other, as shown.  Once completed, you will have a sphere with holes in the middle. However,  if this orb is quite simple and doesn’t attract rats, you can put in a few items, like sunflower seeds or small bells.

Besides, you can also cut rings of different sizes.

Toy wheel

The mouse wheel is a great DIY rat toy, which helps bring your rat fun and exercise! Here are a few suggestions for wheel toys you can try.

Material: a circular plastic tub without a lid three wooden strips for a stand (2 more extended pieces, and one shorter piece), a bolt, two nuts, and two screws.

Firstly, match a long piece of wood and a short piece of wood into a ‘T ‘shape. Fixed with a screw. You can use glue as chewing ball, but it will not be sure enough when the mouse plays on the wheel.  Next, long piece needs to stand straight on the other long part, creating an angle of 90o with the short part! Attach this one with another screw. This will form a rack for your wheels.
Then, grab your container and drill a hole in the center. This is where the wheels are mounted. Then, place the wheel on the stand, to make sure there is enough space for rotation.
Drill a hole in the vertical wood piece aligned with the hole in the tub. Put the bolt through the hole in the tub, and fix it nut. Make sure it is loose enough to spin. Continue on the other side. Bolts must be fixed on both sides.

In conclusion

Above are a few suggestions for making mouse toys yourself. They are not too hard, are they? Just a little meticulous, and cleverly you can do it. In addition, you can also make many other toys according to your creativity. We hope that with the following suggestions, you can make your best rat toys. What are you waiting for? Let’s start right away.


Car Seat Belts for Dogs & Car Harnesses for Dogs – Car Safety Gear for Your Dog (and you)

Every time you get into your car, the first thing you do is buckle up. It’s not only the law; it’s also for your safety. And while seatbelts are specially designed to help keep us comfortable and safe, they don’t seem to readily configure to your dog’s body. And so, dogs don’t usually buckle up. Instead, they might just sit in the back seat, or hang out the window and let the wind blow in their faces, and in some cases, they might even sit on your lap.

The problem with this is that a loose dog can move around in the vehicle and do whatever they want. They might see something exciting and rush to the window, possibly blocking your view. They might get down on the floorboards or interfere with your steering, and they can even become a projectile if you get hit, turn, or stop too fast. A loose dog isn’t safe for either of you.


Having a dog distract you while you’re driving is perhaps one of the most dangerous scenarios and can even cause accidents. While your dog is loose in the vehicle, it can be irresistible to take a second to pet them, give them a treat, or divert your eyes just to check on what they’re doing at the moment (hopefully not chewing on the seat). Though you may not notice it, turning your attention away, especially your eyes often make your brain tell your body, and thus your will, to move in that direction, resulting in merging into another lane or onto the road’s shoulder.

Not a place for a lap dog

For many dog lovers, having your dog enjoy the comfort and closeness of sitting on your lap seem like the caring thing to do. But sitting on your lap is one of the biggest concerns for road safety. Smaller dogs may seem cute and comfortable relaxing there, but it can become physically distracting, and even dangerous if you’re in an accident. Though smaller dogs don’t seem like they’d interfere with steering or even the operation of the vehicle, there’s no way to be sure that they won’t do something radically different, like jumping on the steering wheel or climbing down towards the throttle or brake pedal.

In an accident, a dog on your lap could be seriously injured and hurt you as well. Many new vehicles utilize airbags, which are sensitive to impact. Even if you’re in a small accident, the airbag could deploy and seriously injure both of you.

A moving dog

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of an unbuckled dog is that they can become a danger to others in an accident. Just like a person, a dog would continue to move at the same speed of the vehicle in an accident scenario. In a sudden stop from as little as 35 mph, anything unsecured could be thrown from a vehicle, causing injury to anyone in the path. Because there’s no telling when or where an accident might happen, it’s best to never take a chance with you or anyone else’s safety.

Here’s the best products that we have found for keeping you and your dog safe in your vehicle:

  • Keep your pet safely restrained and allows your pet to sit, stand or lie down comfortably in a car without distracting the driver
  • The 3 in 1 carrier perfectly performs as a pet carrier and car seat
  • Fully adjustable safety barrier – Fits securely to your headrests – Protect your dog and passengers
  • COMFORT DURING TRIP: PetsLovers Seat Belt© uses a swivel clip, so that your best friends can easily spin around in their seats
  • We strongly recommend using a car harness to provide greater safety for dogs, car drivers and their passengers during car journeys

Some manufactures use harnesses that aren’t padded and might do their job but won’t be as comfortable for your dog, which means they may not like being in it. But the great thing about a seatbelt harness is that they can double as a leash harness, so when you get to the park, you can just unbuckle and start having fun.

So the next time you get ready to go down to the park or over to a friend’s house for a doggy date, make sure that everyone buckles up. With a comfortable harness that fits properly, your pup can buckle up just like the rest of the family and stay just as safe. And remember, the best way to stay safe is to prevent any accidents from happening by buckling your pup up!

Dog Who Lands Role In New Transformers Film May Be The Loneliest Dog In The World

Freya who was rejected by thousands of potential owners has landed a role in the next Transformers film.

Epileptic dog Freya was rejected by thousands of potential owners has found fame on the big screen after landing a role in Transformers: The Last Night.

Freya, a cross pitbull and Staffy from Cheadle Hulme, has spent two weeks on set making the movie, which will hit cinemas worldwide next summer.

She plays the pet of Sir Anthony Hopkins and was a big hit with the acting legend as well as other cast members including Mark Wahlberg and…

Source: Dog Who Lands Role In New Transformers Film May Be The Loneliest Dog In The World


Paris Hilton Holds On To Her New $8,000 Pup Who Was Flown In From Boutique Breeder

PARIS Hilton is known for her love of tiny but expensive pooches and she was more than happy to show off the latest addition to her brood.

The socialite was every inch the proud new owner as she held up her four-month-old chihuahua, who cost a mere $8,000.

The heiress had her new pooch delivered to her on Monday from a boutique teacup puppy breeder, after already spending $25,000 on two others  over a year ago.

She also bought a teacup Pomeranian for $13,000 in 2014.

Ways To Select Pet Dog Beds

There are many excellent websites where you can find dog coats online. Dogs and cats can quickly come to be tied to you emotionally, becoming part of your everyday life; they are more than just pets. Since they are so important to you, it is normal that you want to do all you can to keep them comfortable and happy. Pet clothing is regularly obtained by pet owners who want to make their pets look more adorable than ever and keep them warm and comfortable. The Internet is full of retail websites where you can find a wide assortment of different pet dog beds, coats, and clothing from simple shirts to warm coats.

Dog coats are specifically designed to keep dogs warm even on frigid winter nights. Puppies and small dog breeds are particularly susceptible to the cold since they do not generate enough heat on their own to sustain their body temperature. You will also observe that many online stores feature rain coats for dogs; these are perfect for when you need to take your dog out in the rain or if you have gone for a walk and get caught in a downpour.

Puppies and kittens love to curl up for a siesta in their comfortable pet dog beds and cat pet beds. A pet bed keeps your flooring and furniture safe and clean while also giving your pet a bed of their own to nap and get their beauty sleep. You can find some beds specifically crafted to be used outside with weather resistant materials as well as indoor beds that are easy to clean.

Sizing is sometimes a concern when ordering pet beds and clothing on the Internet because you need to make sure you did not order something that was too large or too small. Coats for dogs range in size from tiny puppy sizes to large dog sizes, so make sure you take the time to find the one that fits your pooch. Most pet stores on the Internet will provide a sizing guide for all their clothing that lets you check them against your pet’s measurements. All of these suggestions also apply to pet beds because big dogs would not be able to find any naptime comfort in a bed made for a tiny puppy.

There is no lack of options for pet dog beds and dog coats when you browse at online pet retailers. It will only take a few minutes to visit several websites and find the products that are right for your pet.

If you want to go on to read more on dog coats, you can get enough info at Pamper Your Pets website.