DIY Rat Toys

You have a small rat. You want it to be fun and healthy when you’re not at home. Providing toys for the rat is very important. They need toys such as chewing toys, climbing toys, or decorative toys. Instead of running to the store or ordering online, why not try making toys for them? Undoubtedly, your little friend will love this. However, if you do not have a good hand, high creativity, or do not know where to start, do not worry. In this article, we will give you a few tips to make the most exciting rat toys. Come on, let’s start.

The first step to making a toy for a rat is choosing the material. Rat toys can make from anything like empty cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, wooden sticks, cotton cloth, etc. Before you begin, prepare all the material in your house. If these items are available, it’s okay. If not, you can also buy them at your local craft store. Or collect each item until enough is available! Once you have all the necessary elements, you can start making your rat toys.
However, when choosing any pet material, safety is the most critical issue. They are disinfected clean, contain no toxic substances; No sharp heads to ensure rat safety.
That is the first thing you should note. Here are a few simple toys you can make for your little friend.

Chewing Toy

Hamsters often need to chew toys to keep their teeth healthy. Unlike human teeth, rat teeth continuously grow, so it requires special care to keep them under control. Owners often let mice chew on woodwork to help keep their teeth from getting long. Alternatively, cookies (without garlic) or toilet paper rolls may use. Here are some chewing toys that your mouse will love.

Chewing stick

Material: wooden sticks, white flour, water, and scissors.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Cut the wooden stick into pieces that are 3 inches long (about 7.6 cm)

Step 2: Mix white flour and water in a ratio of 1: 1 to make glue.

Step 3: Apply glue to the sticks and attach them.

Step 4: Leave the glue to dry overnight and then put it in the cage.

Chewing ball

You can make a chewing ball by using a toilet paper roll, scissors, even without glue.

Firstly, take a paper core and cut it into five equal-sized rings. You will only need to use 3/5 of these rings. Then, cross the rings over each other, as shown.  Once completed, you will have a sphere with holes in the middle. However,  if this orb is quite simple and doesn’t attract rats, you can put in a few items, like sunflower seeds or small bells.

Besides, you can also cut rings of different sizes.

Toy wheel

The mouse wheel is a great DIY rat toy, which helps bring your rat fun and exercise! Here are a few suggestions for wheel toys you can try.

Material: a circular plastic tub without a lid three wooden strips for a stand (2 more extended pieces, and one shorter piece), a bolt, two nuts, and two screws.

Firstly, match a long piece of wood and a short piece of wood into a ‘T ‘shape. Fixed with a screw. You can use glue as chewing ball, but it will not be sure enough when the mouse plays on the wheel.  Next, long piece needs to stand straight on the other long part, creating an angle of 90o with the short part! Attach this one with another screw. This will form a rack for your wheels.
Then, grab your container and drill a hole in the center. This is where the wheels are mounted. Then, place the wheel on the stand, to make sure there is enough space for rotation.
Drill a hole in the vertical wood piece aligned with the hole in the tub. Put the bolt through the hole in the tub, and fix it nut. Make sure it is loose enough to spin. Continue on the other side. Bolts must be fixed on both sides.

In conclusion

Above are a few suggestions for making mouse toys yourself. They are not too hard, are they? Just a little meticulous, and cleverly you can do it. In addition, you can also make many other toys according to your creativity. We hope that with the following suggestions, you can make your best rat toys. What are you waiting for? Let’s start right away.


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